Greetings.   If you are reading this, then you are probably reading the first post of this blog.

A brief introduction:  My name is David Hing and you are currently a visitor in the realm of  This blog is the blog of David Hing.

I am a writer of sorts.  The accurate description would be a “struggling writer” who is really struggling to write.  I still have a day job in insurance administration, I have an academic background in Ancient History and more recently Law, an obsession with games in board and video format, an increasing fascination in programming, and an on-again-off-again relationship with creating comics.

Chaotic Tortoise breaks down thusly:  Chaotic refers to my critically short attention span with any single over-arching project and a tendency for my mind to wander far and wide when I’m trying to get anything done whereas Tortoise indicates that I tend to work on my own personal projects rather slowly.  The way I could really prove this is by waiting six months before making another update, but I’m not that committed to making that point.