Today I added a new page to the site:  Games!

This is in fact for games that I myself have created.  My current project has been to try and get a game finished, and I have achieved this!  As with anyone attempting anything vaguely creative, getting projects finished is a big deal for me and even though this is a small project, I shall instead be celebrating ever so slightly this evening.

The game is called Pavlov’s Keyboard and is available to download for free.

The game is about memory and conditioning.  As an experiment it doesn’t completely work, but as a learning exercise it’s been fantastic.  Regardless, I now have the tinkering bug, so maybe I’ll get some more projects on the go and finished off.

I’ve really taken inspiration lately from the Indie Games movement and hope to join their lower-hobbiest-ranks with a bit more practise and dare I say it effort.