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I’ve often seen shows cite ‘Production Difficulties’ for delays.  I think I see what they mean, or at least I have a rough idea of what it COULD mean.

For me, Production Difficulties ™ are currently encompassing the ‘but it takes a long time’ end of the scale, and issues caused by a reluctance to write a full and carefully constructed script, saying ‘oh I’ll fix it in post’, which is a truly poisonous phrase as anyone who has ever worked on a film of any kind will attest to.

I’m also expecting the production speed of my web-show to speed up with time.  The pilot was a learning experience, this episode will be a slightly more refined product with any luck, and in a few months time, I’ll be able to get them done much much quicker.




The main reason I’m posting this drivel is actually to say thank you for watching.  My stats from Blip TV say it has been watched just under 150 times, which is in my mind a big number.  I realise lots of blogs and sites get traffic in numbers that make my eyes water and my brain hurt, but I’m inordinately proud of my three figure number.

A while ago, I wrote about how I couldn’t understand why more people didn’t try to make their own television shows.  I then couldn’t work out why I hadn’t tried to make one before.

As a result of these musings, I bring you my pilot episode of ‘An Introduction To Video Games’.

Making this, whilst fun, has taught me why more people don’t try it.  It’s much harder than it looks and takes ages to put together.  I do suspect that if I make another one, it will be produced much quicker!

Title: Squids

Developer/Publisher: The Game Bakers

Price: 69p

The phrase ‘Turn based RPG’ can send a shiver down the spines of many gamers.  Some hate them for the predominant use of clunky menu systems, a relic from a bygone age that has somehow survived into the modern era of gaming, some dread how compelling they can be and have fevered nightmares of the amount of time they have sunk into them, and some love them so much that they have become frustrated that it’s a relatively under-served genre.

Whatever you think of them, the turn based RPGs of this world can display an awful lot of depth and complexity and the right one can compel even those not traditionally fans of the genre to sink many hours in to them.

Enter Squids.

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