David HingDavid Hing is a journalist, writer, digital marketer specialising in SEO and on a good day will consider himself a game designer, artist, musician and actor. The rest of the time he is probably more of a professional procrastinator.

If you wish to contact David Hing, feel free to tweet him @ChaoticTortoise or even email him on david dot of dot hing at gmail dot com, replacing various words in that sequence with the required punctuation. (I know there are better ways of filtering spam, but please refer back to that “professional procrastinator” comment.)

Chaotic Tortoise is the personal blog of David Hing and is mostly about video games. You can also find the dedicated Chaotic Tortoise fan page on Facebook¬†if you’re more of a Facebook person.

As of the beginning of 2015, Chaotic Tortoise has started running a few affiliate links here and there. This little paragraph is to satisfy my need for disclosure and a little bit to put my slightly concerned conscience at ease.

As for the¬†tortoise, he’s called Aristotle.

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