Hey Internet, let’s go easy on Kanye West’s video game perhaps?

Kanye WestKanye West is six months into the development of a video game about his mother’s journey through the afterlife.

There are going to be a lot of people that are going to jump on this and have a good old laugh about the notion, partly because it does indeed sound absurd. You hear the above and all sorts of terrible and tasteless ideas fly through your head.

You can also easily picture the Photoshop contests, the Reddit memes and the comedy Twitter hashtags popping up to make fun of this (I’m even sneering at the idea a little bit with my choice of images below, but what can I say, I’m a horrible hypocrite). Maybe you see this as a tasteless side scrolling shoot-em-up, or a first person shooter flight-sim hybrid, but maybe we should be giving Mr. West the benefit of the doubt here.

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Dive in to the lurid psychedelic world of Proteus to learn first-person controls

Proteus is a sharp departure from what most people think of when they start talking about video games. Set in a randomly generated psychedelic landscape, the aim of the game is to…

…and here we hit upon the thing that makes Proteus a bit of a talking point for some people. The game does not give you any clear goals or win conditions.

Proteus at sunset

Proteus uses something that many games forget about: Colour.

The beautiful, colourful and calming stress-free landscape of Proteus does make it perfect for one thing and that is learning how to control games played in a first person perspective.

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9 things to love about Evolve

hellooooHunting giant monsters with your friends or being a giant monster hell-bent on destroying your friends sounds like an excellent pitch for an online multiplayer game to me. Evolve lets you hunt monsters and gives you the option to become the monster yourself if you feel like it.

Is it any good? I’ll be running a proper review soon once I put a few more hours into it, but here are nine things that you can love about stomping around as a monster, or chasing after a monster that’s stomping around in Evolve.

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This is how The Last of Us will make you cry

The Last of UsThe Last of Us is a zombie apocalypse survival adventure game that will push your emotional buttons.

If it does not make you cry, it will at least give it a good go and at the very least, you will experience your brain triggering that cry response that simulates the feeling of a golf ball being lodged in the back of your throat.

Read on for how The Last of Us will make you want to cry and generally make you feel at the end of your emotional tether.

(This post includes some mild spoilers about things that happen early on in the game, but stuff that I’m glad was not spoiled for me.)

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10 reasons that Saints Row IV is a pussy cat really

Saints Row IVSaints Row IV might be the best open world sandbox game ever made and part of the reason for this is because it feels weirdly lacking in the mindless violence department.

This is a game that was refused classification in Australia, features guns, car-jacking, super powered hand-to-hand combat, explosions and the ability to take hostages and use them as human shields, so how can anyone argue that this is anything other than horribly violent? It certainly appears to be trying to be controversial and outrageous.

Read on for 10 reasons as to why Saints Row IV is a pussy cat at heart, albeit a sweary pussy cat with a gun.

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