I have a belief that anyone trying to create anything will inadvertently create self portraits of themselves over and over again without even realising.

I have started working on some pixel art for a new project and was very proud of some alterations I made on my ‘Ding sprite’ from Ego to make him a low level dungeon-crawling adventurer.



I thought that looked pretty good, until my girlfriend noticed the following things:

1) That’s probably closer to my actual hair colour anyway.

2) I appear to be wearing that particular tee-shirt today.

Right down to the V-neck.

Score one for extra confidence in a theory, lose one for falling back into artistic self-insertion habits.

How to Make Comics Part 2

 Using Photoshop or another piece of image manipulation software to colour or letter your comics is an entirely optional step.

At some point, you will probably benefit from getting your drawings into a digital format if you want to reproduce them at some point, but this can be a straight forward case of scanning them in and sending them on.

I’ve met plenty of comic creators who still use inks and paints to colour their comics and they produce some beautiful work.

On the other hand, I’m a digital junkie and also use my cartoons on this site, so I need mine uploaded to a web-publishable format and so it makes sense for me to colour them in Photoshop.

In this post, I am going to take you through the steps that I go through to get my tortoises coloured in.

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