No Man’s Sky

A space exploration game with near-infitine worlds to explore and almost seamless transitions between walking around planetside and launching into space.

Genre: Space/Survival/Crafting/Walking Simulator

Developer: Hello Games

Platforms: PS4, PC

Good for: A get-to-the-point space exploration experience, full of moments of wonder.

Less good for: A deeper space exploration experience for anyone looking for a greater sense of scale or complexity.


No Man’s Sky has near infinite replayability on paper, but in reality the game becomes pretty shallow pretty quickly. The randomly generated universe can throw some genuine surprises your way from time to time, but after you’ve seen a handful of new worlds, you get the point. Although many players will find a lot of No Man’s Sky frustrating, it is good at respecting your time and does not force you to wait around needlessly. The ability to jump in your space ship and blast off the planet and into space without any obvious loading screens or waiting times is remarkable and some of the elements of spectacle are worth seeing for yourself.

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