ProteusCoverProteus is a game focusing on exploration which allows you to wander through what is essentially a pixelated water-colour painting.

Genre: First Person Shooter (without the shooter)

Developer: Ed Key and David Kanaga

Platforms: Mac, PC (Windows and Linux)

Good for: A relaxing if not slightly trippy experience and anyone looking for a stress free time with a virtual environment.

Less good for: Anyone looking for a more traditional gaming experience. Proteus has sparked debate as to whether it is in fact a game or not for good reason – it does not give you any goals as such.


Proteus is an unusual experience and there are not that many things like it that are not also categorised as some kind of studenty experiment in virtual worlds. The lo-fi artistic direction however gives a very strong sense of style and with the assistance of the soundscape, this can be a very absorbing game. There are enough interesting things to explore and discoveries to make and things can even get a little on the creepy side when the sun goes down.

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