Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV is an anarchic open world sandbox with a twist: The game is set inside a virtual reality construct of your city and as a result, you have been able to hack into this and give yourself super powers.

Genre: Open world sandbox

Developer: Volition

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC

Good for: If you’re looking for a bit of mindless action held together by a surprisingly entertaining story

Less good for: Anyone looking for something that takes itself seriously or anyone that’s left cold by a fairly sweary sense of humour


The Saints Row series started off as a low-quality Grand Theft Auto copy but with each sequel it has established itself as the Grand Theft Auto that focuses more on the arcade-style action rather than gritty gangland drama. Saints Row IV starts with you killing terrorists, being elected as President of the USA and then dealing with an alien invasion that enslaves you and the rest of humanity in a Matrix-like virtual hell. Various missions throughout the game parody other popular video games and the game spends a lot of time poking fun of itself too. Saints Row IV is a joy to play and is likely to keep you quiet for many many hours.

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